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Garth's Story

It’s been over thirty years since Garth Jenman began his safari with Camp Wild Safaris in Zimbabwe. Driven by a love for wildlife and adventure, Garth initially led camping expeditions, which earned him a reputation as an innovator in the tourism industry. Over time, his expertise and dedication to responsible tourism has strengthened.

This deep affection for Southern Africa, its people, and its wildlife culminated in the birth of Hideaways Africa. Our company has a mission – to create life-changing safari experiences for eco-conscious travellers who want to enjoy and appreciate the untouched beauty and remote locations of Africa. 

Garth started the Hideaways story in 2012 when the first eco-lodge in the collection was built entirely by hand. Garth was at the forefront of forging close collaborations with local communities to bring his dream to life. Since then, the Hideaways portfolio of lodges and camps has expanded to locations hidden away in some of the wildest regions of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. Garth’s unwavering passion for Africa has fuelled the creation of unique lodges that offer authentic African experiences.

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What Motivates Us

At Hideaways Africa, we believe in life-changing experiences and the power of travel to transform. It’s not just about the incredible memories you will create on safari, but the positive impact your journey has on the lives of others.

You are making a difference when choosing Hideaways Africa:

We create jobs and opportunities for the local communities, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come. Through the Grow Africa foundation, we support scholarships for rural children, fostering future conservation leaders. Sustainable practices and responsible tourism minimise our environmental footprint, safeguarding the wilderness areas and ecosystems that provide habitats for our beloved African wildlife.

At Hideaways Africa, it is all about you. Let us help you create a safari that will be a life-changing experience and the most memorable of holidays, uniquely curated to what you prefer and what you enjoy while relaxing in the African wilderness.

Choose Hideaways Africa for a truly life-changing experience – not just yours, but for the communities and wildlife that call Africa home.

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Our Personal Approach

At Hideaways Africa, we don’t just create safaris, we craft unforgettable adventures tailored entirely to your personal preferences. Explore Africa at your own pace, with every detail designed to reflect your interests and needs. Whether you crave action-packed days filled with wildlife encounters or prefer a slower pace soaking in the scenery, the choice is entirely yours.

Commitment fuels every aspect of your experience. From the moment you arrive, the enthusiasm and warm hospitality of our staff is a stand-out. Our chefs curate gourmet meals that tantalize your taste buds, while our guides share their infectious passion for the incredible wildlife you’ll encounter.

Your Hideaways experience isn’t just a vacation, it’s a chance to:
• Connect with nature in some of the most spectacular wilderness areas in Southern Africa.
• Encounter magnificent wildlife and spark a lifelong passion for conservation.
• Become an ambassador for Mother Nature by sharing your unforgettable experiences.

Our eco-friendly lodges in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa provide the perfect blend of comfort and style allowing you to relax in splendor while knowing your footprint is minimal. It’s all about you, so let us help you create a safari that will be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Hideaways Africa Team Staff

Who We Are

At the heart and soul of Hideaways Africa are Sulet-Burger Prinsloo (Head of Hideaways) and Nicole Jacob (Sales Manager). With a combined experience of over 25 years in the industry, they have been here since the beginning and have intimate knowledge of every lodge and camp that is part of the collection. Their love for Africa runs deep and their expertise is unparalleled, making them our most trusted advisors. 

The magical touch extends beyond Sulet and Nicole. At every Hideaways lodge and camp, you will encounter a team who shares the same dedication. Their smiles are genuine, their knowledge boundless, and their commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for their guests shines through each and every interaction. It is this collective spirit, the love for Africa’s wilderness, and the passion for brand excellence, which makes Hideaways truly special.


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Memberships & Associations

Hideaways Africa proudly holds membership in several associations dedicated to fostering the travel trade industry, promoting tourism to the African continent, and actively engaging in both local and global African projects. As a member of these associations, Hideaways Africa remains steadfast in its mission to contribute to the growth and positive impact of the African tourism landscape while fostering meaningful connections within the global travel community.