Community Upliftment Experience

Guests are given a chance to interact with and learn more about the customs and culture of local Dete residents through three different engaging and non-intrusive but enlightening experiences and projects. Dingani Primary is the local primary school close to our lodge. As a rural African school, it might be quite different to what you are familiar with back home and the visit to the school is an enlightening opportunity to see the inspiring hope, dedication, and resourcefulness of the staff and students. You will also visit the Vukani project, a group of elderly and/or disabled men and women who use ordinary glossy (donated) magazines to make the most beautiful pieces of bead jewellery. The third project is the Thandanani sewing project; this is a self-sustaining business that the local women who had basic skills in sewing have started. Their designs and fabrics are truly African in style and beauty, the perfect gift for someone back home or simply just to add a touch of Africa to your home to remind you of your travels.