A Night Under the African Sky

A Night Under the African Sky 1Imagine being woken by the rising sun as the sky is painted in hues of pink and blue, and animals venture to the waterhole for their first refreshing sips of the day. Birds start to chirp and warble and the sound of elephants trumpeting and splashing about in the muddy pool gently rouses you from the comfort of your open-air star bed, where you’ve spent a night under the African sky completely immersed in the surroundings of the African bush, with only a mosquito net between you and nature in its rawest and most beautiful form. When guests book an evening at The Eye, they don’t have to imagine it because this dream can become a reality.

A Night Under the African Sky 2

Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is an eco-lodge with 8 luxurious raised tents overlooking a waterhole. These chalets all have en-suite bathrooms, a bath with a view, an outdoor shower, and canvas walls that can be raised or lowered for comfortable game viewing on the lodge grounds. It’s the ultimate in luxury and comfort in the African bush. However, for an extra and wonderfully exclusive experience guests can also book an evening at The Eye. Here you can experience the wonders of the bush in relative solitude, completely in the open air.  The raised wooden platform with a queen bed overlooking a waterhole is located on the Elephant’s Eye, Hwange concession, some distance from the lodge. Guests who have booked the experience are escorted there after dinner by a guide who will only be a walkie-talkie call away should they need them. They then spend the night under the stars for a unique experience of isolation and exploration. This exclusive once in a lifetime experience is absolutely not to be missed!

A Night Under the African Sky 3

Guests do not need to pack up their rooms while on this experience as their room is kept for them while on their “sleepaway” experience. Guests receive a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine to enjoy as a sundowner, as well as some light snacks to nibble on and there is a coffee and tea station for morning refreshments. The Eye has a basic bathroom with no shower. A guide will come collect the guest in the morning and take them back to the lodge for breakfast and to continue the rest of their morning routine in their chalet.