Five Love Languages of Nantwich Lodge, Hwange

Every so often, one needs to speak the language of relaxation – to rejuvenate, reboot and reconnect. There is no place better to do so than immersed in Hwange National Park, surrounded by the wild, held by comfort. Here we are able to be present, focus on nurturing our love languages within the relationships of self and other, as well as our connection to our wild spaces. It is in these spaces we are able to speak our truth, and listen to the wisdom bestowed by mother nature.

When we travel through Africa, we enter into relationships of intention – with oneself, one’s destination and the wild spaces and communities encountered along the way. As any relationship, the benefits are reciprocal, each party involved gaining life-changing experiences. As within our human relationships, the wilderness too has its love languages – all five of which can be found at Nantwich Lodge.

Quality Time: 

The famous saying, “Time is of the Essence” rings true in Hwange National Park, its echoes woven into our wild spaces; beneath the Baobabs and into the wrinkled skin of the elephant. It is here we feel most connected to ourselves and to nature through quality time immersed in the wild. Here we are able to unwind, allowing ourselves to soak in nature while enjoying the luxuries the lodge has to offer, gifting ourselves the time to rejuvenate. Nantwich Lodge offers various areas to spend time – observing and relaxing while immersed in our surroundings.

Acts of Service: 

Nantwich is built on eco-conscious foundations, providing life-changing experiences for guests through intentional and purposeful experiences. Refurbished from a bygone era, Nantwich holds a deep history, now repurposed and redesigned as an intimate eco-lodge to provide unforgettable safari memories. In addition, the Nantwich Lodge staff provide acts of service by making each guest feel at home, their needs met and their holiday cushioned in comfort. Whether relaxing by the pool with cocktails, learning how to make craft gin cocktails or being guided on a game drive through the bush, the staff attend to the finer details of one’s holiday.


The gift of African travel arrives in the form of presence. Africa calls you to be mindful and aware; intentional in your choices and effective in your actions. One can only be present when exploring the landscapes of Hwange National Park with Nantwich as your base, of both wildlife and people, connecting with a diverse and rich tapestry, gifting understanding.

Physical Touch:

With your feet rooted to the earth, eyes upon the horizon, and the smells and sounds of the wild capturing your attention, Hwange is a sensory feast. Immersing in its elements places you in a state of surrender – one with the ebbs and flows of nature. From walking safaris, to game drive vehicles and conservation talks, Hideaways will place you in spaces which make you feel alive, connected to the environment that surrounds you.

Words Of Affirmation: 

In the golden light of sunset after a day exploring the wilderness, quiet moments of reflection are shared around the campfire at Nantwich Lodge. It is here we whisper words of gratitude for our experiences – gifting thanks for the encounters, the understanding and the experiences we had throughout the day. We offer words of affirmation to those who have become a part of our journey, to ourselves for the opportunity, and to Africa, for her wisdom and wild spaces. 

Time in the wilderness in Hwange National Park is a reciprocal relationship of healing – speaking the love languages of conservation, of friendship and of life changing experiences – all through the connection of travel and shared love for Africa.

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