Unique and Interesting Things to Do Around Victoria Falls: 5 Top Hideaways Staff Picks

The famous falls are the main attraction in Victoria Falls but did you know there is so much more on offer? From helicopter flips to painting in the bush and hands-on conservation activities, our Hideaways staff have chosen their favourite, most unique activities to do around Victoria Falls. Many of our guests combine a trip to Victoria Falls with their Elephant’s Eye, Hwange visit either as a stop on their journey to or from Hwange or on one of our Hwange and Victoria Falls combination trips such as Victoria Falls and Hwange Fly In, Victoria Falls and Hwange Package and Highlights of Zimbabwe. Read below to see how you can make the most of your Victoria Falls visit.

Victoria Falls

1.  Secret to be Revealed in November – Katja

  1. Hideaways CEO Katja Quasdorf has a very exciting and brand-new favourite activity in Victoria Falls, however it is so new that it is currently under wraps with an announcement to come in November… so watch this space! She says with a big smile and an infectious laugh: “I can’t say much at this point besides that it’s new, sexy, adventurous, romantic and a one-of-its-kind experience that I am confident Victoria Falls and the world has been waiting for ….”. Luckily, November is only a few months away and we’re sure it will be a truly unique experience to add to the list.Unique and Interesting Things to Do Around Victoria Falls: 5 Top Hideaways Staff Picks 1
  2. Helicopter Flip – Nicole

Most guests to Victoria Falls experience the waterfall either on land or on the water but did you know it is also possible to view it from the air? Nicole Bowes our marketing specialist recently had the thrilling opportunity to see the immense beauty of the falls from high above on a helicopter trip. “It was absolutely amazing to see just how large the falls really are! The way the spray shoots up into the sky is kind of mindblowing and it makes sense that the locals call it the Smoke-That-Thunders. I’ve never been in a helicopter before so that in itself was really cool, being able to soar above one of the world’s seven natural wonders and experiencing it from a totally different perspective is something I will never forget.” Trips are 15 to 30 minutes depending on which option you choose, the longer trip goes down to Batoka Gorge as well and views from every seat in the helicopter are amazing.

Victoria Falls
3. Removing Snares – Pierce

Conservationists in Africa and especially Zimbabwe have identified illegal bushmeat poaching through the use of wire snares as a critical issue.  When this strip of wire ending in a loop, formed by a slip knot, gets caught around an animal’s neck, the animal is trapped and any attempts to escape only tightens the noose. Pierce Synnot our marketing specialist and Grow Africa representative had the opportunity to take part in a Conservation Field Trip with the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching unit in the Zambezi National Park. Pierce says “it’s a fantastic way for travellers who are passionate about conservation to get involved in a practical and hands-on way. The entire experience is incredibly eye-opening as you are able to witness the work of the unit first-hand and will even be tasked to record game sightings, identify spoor, patrol and sweep for wire snares. There’s a fair bit of walking on various terrains, so comfortable shoes are recommended”. The trip takes a half day and refreshments are provided. This is a great activity for people who want to make a difference while on holiday.

Unique and Interesting Things to Do Around Victoria Falls: 5 Top Hideaways Staff Picks 2

4. Historical Bridge Tour – Garth

While adrenaline junkies like to throw themselves off the top of the bridge into the chasm below on a bungee cord, they probably know very little of the interesting history and impressive feat of engineering it took to create the 105-year-old bridge itself. Built as part of Cecil John Rhodes’ Cape to Cairo railway dream the bridge was first built in England and each piece was shipped individually to Africa with the specific instructions that it was assembled in a location where passing trains would be sprayed by the mist to add a thrilling experience to the passenger’s journey. “I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the tour” says Garth Jenman, Hideaways co-owner ” it was given by a very entertaining character dressed up as Georges Imbault, the chief engineer. He regaled us with tales of the trials and tribulations of building the bridge. I see an Oscar nomination in this man’s future. After the talk we were strapped into harnesses and explored the underside of the bridge which was also something new.” Anyone with an interest in history or even engineering can’t miss the historic bridge tour with a twist.

Unique and Interesting Things to Do Around Victoria Falls: 5 Top Hideaways Staff Picks 3

5.Painting with Elephants – Sulet

Our hospitality manager Sulet Burger- Prinsloo has selected a very special and artistic activity in Victoria Falls “I love animals, and with my role at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange ellies have a special place in my heart. We are so fortunate to see these majestic animals up close at our lodge, when you observe how they interact it’s impossible not to be deeply moved. I’ve recently found a wonderful way to capture these moments in a beautiful and lasting way, painting them in the wild.” The Elephant Art Safari is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to release their inner Monet. Easels and palettes are set up beneath the trees in front of a waterhole where the elephant herd is going about its business of drinking, splashing, and spouting. Any level of creative skill is welcome and there is a private tutor on hand to assist with technique, ensuring that you create a beautiful elephant artwork to take home as the perfect souvenir.

Unique and Interesting Things to Do Around Victoria Falls: 5 Top Hideaways Staff Picks 4

If you would like to take part in any of these activities while on your Hideaways holiday please let us know and we will be happy to arrange it.