Introducing our new Product Developer and Reservationist

Hideaways is proud to announce that we have a new Product Developer and Reservationist, Nicole Bowes, who brings with her a whole lot of expertise and passion for the travel industry.

We asked Nicole to share a bit about herself. Here’s what she had to say!

“I knew I wanted to get into travel when I was young. I love meeting people and their finding out more about their cultures. I have always found that there is a certain beauty in different cultures mixing and the learning that comes from it is something that you would never pick up in a classroom.”

“I left the tourism industry to travel and landed up in Thailand in a small village where I taught English. It was the biggest learning curve in my life and the best thing I ever did for myself. I went there alone, knew no one and left with a better understanding of myself.”

“When I returned to South Africa, I continued teaching English. I then decided I needed another challenge: to get back into the tourism industry. I’ve enjoyed my job at Hideaways from Day 1. The agents and clients I deal with are wonderful and the team I work with are just amazing! I consider myself a pretty lucky fish. I look forward to all the exciting new challenges I will face in this position.”

We are happy to welcome Nicole to the Hideaways team. Should you wish to contact her, please email her at