Mogotlho, Khwai River: The Gift of Giving

Honouring and practising the gift of giving, Mogotlho, Khwai River hosted a Community Christmas Party in the Mababe Concession. On the 16th December, in partnership with African Field Sports, The Mababe Zokotsama Community Development Trust and 7 Pans, the children and seniors of Mababe Village were invited to celebrate and share the joy of the festive season!

Reaching out to local suppliers, the lodge managed to procure food, funds, stationery, water and sweets, enabling the creation of 150 Christmas packs. These generous donations allowed Mogotlho to distribute chocolates, toys, pens and pencils and crisps to the excited and elated Mababe children. Handed out by Father Christmas (a staff member of Mogotlho Safari Lodge), the spirit of the festive season was felt by all.

Joy not only arrived in the form of Santa Claus and presents, but in a variety of games organised. Soccer, skipping, face painting and a jumping castle entertained the children, staff and community members for the whole afternoon. Smiling faces with colour patterns raced around in pure delight of Christmas celebrations. Some spent hours on the jumping castle, an apparatus not experienced by many and most certainly the highlight of the day!

Mogotlho, Khwai River: The Gift of Giving 1

160 hearty meals were served – food for the body as well as the soul. Stew, pap, salad, fruit, soft drinks and apple juice were served, along with watermelon for dessert. It was a veritable feast for the community, and such a pleasure for all to share in the contributions.

Mogotlho, Khwai River: The Gift of Giving 2

Due to the generosity of the suppliers, Mogotlho was able to put together hampers for the Elders of the village. The Mababe Zokotsama Community Development Trust guided this endeavour, along with the The VDC (Village Development Committee) who assisted in the deliveries. There are 20 seniors in the village – and the lodge was able to donate one hamper to each of them. One often makes the mistake of focusing only on the children, and forgets the seniors. It was the mission of Mogotlho to change that! The hampers included:

Rice, Tomato sauce, Cremora, Cooking oil, Tea, Mayonnaise, Soup, Soap and Sugar.

It was not only the children and community members who enjoyed the festivities of the day, but the staff and organisers as well. To be able to distribute and gift food, toys and activities brings equal happiness to those involved.

“For it is in giving, that we receive.” St Francis of Assissi.

Mogotlho, Khwai River: The Gift of Giving 3

After two turbulent years of chaos and lessons, we have certainly learnt the value of time and presence with friends, family and colleagues. The Mogotlho family extends beyond the lodge to the Mababe community on which the lodge and area are built. We are grateful to be able to share the love of the festive season with those around us, celebrating Christmas, each other and Africa, our home.

We would like to thank the following suppliers for their donations to the cause:

Aquarite, Mr Veg, Maun, Mark Rijntjes, The McKenzie Family, Kalahari Tours, Lisa Reed, Delta Meat Deli, Safari Spar, Maun, Maun Printers & Stationers, Sefalana, Trans Maun, J C S Maun, Okavango Breweries, Woodlands Day Care Centre, Sandra Rubins, Mababe VDC and Hideaways.