Photographic Safaris with David Rogers: Capture Hwange

David Rogers has Hwange running through his veins, absorbed into the corridors of his mind – captured by the written word as well as through the camera lens. He has explored its landscapes, people and wildlife in all its rich diversity of beauty and untamed character – and has made a career out of his passion for our bold and diverse continent.

A recent photographic trip to Zimbabwe with Managing Director, Garth Jenman, allowed David to collect a visual diary of Hwange National Park in its wild diversity. Dramatic skies allowed for dramatic contrasts of colour, the explosive atmosphere of a summer storm rolling in on hot, dark clouds.

Photographic Safaris with David Rogers: Capture Hwange 1

David gave us the honour of sharing his trip in an online conversation, offering tips and perspectives on how best to capture the stories of your holiday. He finds it important to start with the room and the lodge itself, the interior of your holiday in Africa often as aesthetically pleasing as the exterior. The below picture of the swimming pool at Nantwich Lodge certainly depicts the perfect spot for a pool side safari, before even venturing into the wild; surveying the land from the deck while watching the clouds roll in from beyond.

Photographic Safaris with David Rogers: Capture Hwange 2

With photographers, it is all about chasing the light. Dawn and dusk are where you find your best chance at capturing the moment shrouded in golden light, each holding on to the beginnings and endings of the day. It is here, in the moment between, where a photographer strikes gold.

Photographic Safaris with David Rogers: Capture Hwange 3

Reflecting on his time at Nantwich, David shares that it is a spot where he feels like he could stay forever – a feeling of being robed in infinity. Bordering Botswana, with animals knowing no borders or boundaries, the wildlife opportunities are endless, the photographic opportunities following suit. The area has a prolific predator population, heightening the possibility of witnessing Africa untamed literally from the lodge deck – encapsulated in the wild. During their stay, a herd of buffalo had come down to drink at the waterhole, and with night, descended the sound of lion following in close proximity. The thrill of their vicinity alone can electrify the air, the bush a sensory experience.

Photographic Safaris with David Rogers: Capture Hwange 4

For those who wish to hear more about the photographic expedition to Zimbabwe, click here to get a taster of Hwange National Park, and how to capture its beauty through the camera lens. We will soon be launching Photographic Safaris with David Rogers, based at Nantwich Lodge and Elephant’s Eye, Hwange, chasing the light and in the footsteps of the untamed.