A Tribute to Tributaries: Rio Azul’s Mystical Mangroves

As the unsung heroes of the sea, we feel it is time to pay tribute to the mangrove estuary at Rio Azul. Being a hotspot of biodiversity, the abundant and unexplored ecosystem is an invitation to the curious eye. Dive in to explore the various avenues of this diverse web of life.

A treat for twitchers

This highly developed and intricate fortress of roots and soft corals boasts residence to thousands of species of marine and forest food webs – an irresistible feast for birds. Kingfishers, Olive Headed Weavers, Green Coucals and Goliath Herons are but a few of the birds flocking to this abundant habitat. A treat for your inner birder!

Meander through the mangroves

Armed with binoculars, take a break from the beach and glide through the channels on one of our aluminum boats. Undertake an educational expedition through the forest chains with a Rio Azul guide, learning how the mangroves are integral to a healthy coastline, as well as being a safe haven for marine life. Their finger like roots dig down into the sand below, their stems furnished with creatures. These roots simultaneously reach out of the water, providing oxygen to the forest below – veritable ambassadors of air!

Discover a wild aquarium

The mangrove forest is also a snorkler’s delight. With the variety of marine life ranging from algae, fish, snails, turtles to the occasional shark – this biotope is an ecological treasure trove. Grab your goggles and spend time observing the underwater mysteries of this magical ecosystem.

In the spirit of conscious travel, mangroves are literally the most mindful of the plants. A ‘sacrificial leaf’ is chosen to excrete salt – balancing the salinity within the plant. This complex salt filtration system also demonstrates the intelligence of this tropical vegetation. By exploring these forests, perhaps we could take a ‘leaf’ out of their books and learn more balance and awareness within our own webs of life!

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