Have You Tried Our New Cocktail Menu?

There’s nothing quite like ending off your day in the African bush with that satisfying safari staple – a refreshing Gin and Tonic. Or perhaps you prefer a creamy Amarula on ice while the sun sets and day turns to dusk. Cocktails really just add that extra touch of luxury to a safari experience. Our lodge, Elephant’s Eye Hwange, has a fully stocked bar with delightful cocktail options for guests. We’ve recently updated the cocktail menu to include some exciting new options such as the Mashamba Mud Slide, an interesting fusion of Kahlua, vodka and Amarula cream. Perfect for watching the sunset.

Our most popular new cocktail is The Elephant’s Eye, a refreshing drink embodied with vodka, spruced up with lemonade and orange juice and topped off with a dash of bitters. The lodge of course also offers classic cocktails (but with an African twist) such as Pina Colada, Hwange Sunrise (tequila, orange juice, and Grenadine), and Mojito Akubote. Akubote means “thank you” in the local language, try saying it to your lovely server.


We also have an entire cocktail menu dedicated entirely to Gin & Tonic with a variety of delicious options. G&T’s are so incredibly refreshing to drink in hot weather and they have long had an association with safaris because the Quinine found in tonic water is anti-malarial. These days we have far more effective anti-malarial medication but the G&T and African safari connotation still lingers, which means you can happily treat yourself to either a Cool Cucumber, Strawberries & Pepper or a Quench It which is the classic G&T with lemon and bitters.

At Elephant’s Eye, Hwange we also like to combine cocktails and conservation! Guests can choose between two amazing Amarula cocktails, the proceeds of which go to the Conservation and Wildlife Fund (CWF). So guests are able to contribute to conserving the wildlife in Hwange simply by sipping on a delicious drink.


All the cocktails can also be ordered without alcohol for $2 less and we have a mocktail menu for guests who prefer not to drink alcohol. Are you thirsty yet? Come to Elephant’s Eye, Hwange to taste our delicious cocktails and even spot some wildlife!