Find Your Truth on the Zambezi… Watch our New Zambezi Truth Video

Sublime natural beauty, calm water gently broken by the bow of the dhow smoothly gliding through it. On the banks of the river, the birds are chirping and the elephants are extending their trunks into the cool refreshing water. Comfortably cocooned in the dhow, guests are enjoying the magnificent views and the gentle breeze in their hair. This is absolute bliss and marvelous serenity at its most beautiful. While we can paint a picture with words that describe just how special this experience is, sights and sounds can enhance this endeavour so much more. We have a beautiful new video that perfectly captures the very essence of our Zambezi Truth dhow experience.

We recently filmed some of our guests on a typical voyage on one of our Zambezi Truth dhows. From when they arrived to when they fully embrace the carefree relaxed spirit of the dhow journeys, it’s a true reflection of the experience – you can even hear the peaceful flow of the river on its course. Our video is the next best thing to actually setting sail yourself. It will really make you feel like you are there and then you’ll be asking yourself “why on earth am I not??”

Book Zambezi Truth with us!

The next step is to make that dream a reality – plan that trip, book that voyage and get ready to experience the sublimely intimate and charmingly peaceful adventure of your very own dhow voyage on the Zambezi. Setting sail in the morning and the evening, or at any time if you book it for a private journey. Expertly handcrafted by traditional artisans in Dar es Salaam, the East African dhows are the only one of their kind in Victoria Falls. We have finalised our rates for 2020 so why not download the rate sheet, take a look at them and then once you’ve done all that contact us at to book your voyage. And for now, watch the video again, we’ve been playing it on a loop to relive the magic…