Who’s Who at Rio Azul, Mozambique

At Rio Azul, Mozambique,  the staff aspire to make guests feel truly at home, without a care in the world. That’s because it’s their home too. From Charles “the Head Induna” to the two Zito’s, Zito Mechanic and Zito Kitchen, and then of course our lodge managers Caz and Mark, everyone warmly welcomes guests and makes sure everyone is exceptionally well taken care of. Most team members have been with the lodge since the very beginning, having a hand in building it and dedicating their time and passion to make it a haven of ultimate surrender to the beauty and charm of the area. We would like to introduce you to our Rio Azul family because they are an essential part of what makes a stay at this serene tropical wilderness such a meaningful experience.

The Rio Azul family is 19 members strong, including Mark and his wife Carin, affectionately known as “Caz”, who are the managers of the lodge.

The building of the lodge commenced in 2004 around the same time a sawmill was set up in Inhassoro which is the closest town to the lodge, some 37km’s away. Some of the staff were employed at the sawmill where a lot of the wooden furniture from the lodge was manufactured and some of the staff were employed at the lodge involved in the actual construction thereof. The lodge was completed in February 2007, however, a cyclone in February caused severe damage which resulted in the lodge only finally being completed in September 2007.

The Rio Azul, Mozambique staff members that are still here from the outset and those that joined later are as follows:

Charles who is now the “Head Induna”, a Zulu title meaning advisor, great leader, ambassador, headman or commander of a group of warriors, and also our driver, who collect guests from the Airport in Villanculos

Shadrack who oversaw the sawmill is now our Barman and is married to one of our Housekeeper’s, the lovely Ester who also started here in 2007.

Mario who is now one of our Chefs, initially started in 2006 and was involved on-site in the construction of the lodge.

Calado, also a Chef, also started in 2006 and was also initially involved in the construction.

We have two Zito’s, namely Zito Kitchen and Zito Mechanic. Zito Kitchen started off as part of housekeeping in 2008 and then became part of the Kitchen staff as a Chef.

Zito Mechanic started in 2004 in the construction of the lodge and is now responsible for all the maintenance of the lodge, including the vehicles and the solar/generator system.

Chigalo started off in 2004 as security for the sawmill and is now together with “Sixpence” the lodge security at night. Sixpence started in 2008 as security.

Felisberto was also part of the security at the sawmill and in 2008 came across to the lodge as a General Worker.

Betty, Head of Housekeeping joined in 2007.

Zamola started in 2007 and he is now our Head Gardner, responsible for our vegetables and herbs grown at the lodge. He is also responsible for the cleaning of our three swimming pools.

Adelia, is responsible for cooking for our staff and joined in 2008.

James is our Head Chef and he started in 2008.

Januarie started in 2004 at the sawmill but is now responsible for our water supply. Our borehole that supplies the lodge is situated some 7km’s from the lodge and Januarie lives on-site ensuring water is pumped and fed to the lodge on a regular basis.

Adriano is one of our Skippers / Fishing Guides and he joined in 2016.

Joanna is a casual Housekeeper and assists when staff are on leave or when we are extremely busy.

Our staff all live on-site at the lodge in the staff quarters and we are blessed to have such a great dedicated team of employees.

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