Beyond the Lodge: Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park is a small park with a big soul. Situated in the northern region of Zimbabwe, it is remote and unrelentingly wild. When we asked Shepherd, the professional guide from Hideaways Mana Pools Safari Lodge, which word he would prescribe to the national park, he responded with, “Untamed”.

At Hideaways, we not only focus on the finer side of safari in accommodation and service but in experiences as well. We seek and source locations that provide intimate and exclusive encounters with nature. Highlighting and celebrating both the delicate and dangerous faces of the wilderness, we offer holistic and insightful wildlife journeys.

In our Hideaways ‘Beyond the Lodge’ series, we aim to create awareness of the environment as a whole, beyond the borders of the property boundary. For those who missed our first Hideaways ‘Beyond the Lodge’ episode of 2022, we invite you to watch the video below to explore the wild landscapes of Mana Pools National Park. From its Zambezi River life source to its blue forests and intimate animal encounters, we venture through its wild spaces, sharing its character and charm. Managing Director Garth Jenman talks us through access points, wild immersion, walking safaris as well as armchair safaris from the deck of Mana Pool Safari Lodge!


As you will see, the video clip is a perfect example of Mana untamed. Recent guests had a lion kill and feed unfold right in front of their chalet. The lions then proceed to pull their prey beneath the chalet itself, protecting it from other lingering predators as well as sheltering from the heat. An elephant and its calf observe the event on the periphery, safe in the knowledge the lions have their meal for the day. Guests witness in understanding why we insist on walking you to your rooms; the definition of wild immersion! What an incredible and rare safari spectacle.

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