Beyond the Lodge: Masumu River Lodge

Our latest episode of Beyond the Lodge speaks into the landscapes and waterways of Masumu River Lodge in Binga. Hideaways Manging Director Garth Jenman and Travel Expert Kim Sparrow talk about activities, access points, houseboating and culture, and why Binga is a fantastic add-on to before or after your safari in Hwange National Park!

There are a few remote and hidden gems on the Zimbabwean tourist track unknown to most. These secret locations often take the road less traveled, a journey off the beaten track leading you to a small piece of paradise, arriving at an oasis amidst the wild. 

Masumu River Lodge is an invitation for exploration – of the landscape, waterways, islands, Batonga villages and museums. An experience of Zimbabwe with Masumu is a multi-faceted one – fringed in comfort with breathtaking views of the iconic Lake Kariba.

The lodge is a wilderness oasis, an area of lush green grass offering reprieve from the African heat. Its granite rock exterior and beautifully manicured gardens immediately exude a cool welcome. Its panoramic view over Lake Kariba is accompanied by a breeze off the blue waters, its rising wind often supporting the wings of the iconic fish eagle. Watch, learn, share and book an African adventure with us at Masumu River Lodge, immersing yourself in wild and remote Zimbabwe.