Celebrating Dingani Primary School’s Achievements

Dingani Primary School is the school close to Elephant’s Eye, Hwange that Hideaways has partnered with to assist with the sustainable development of the local community’s children. Guests at our lodge play a part in contributing to this initiative just by staying there. They are also able to contribute further by supporting Project Penya und Pack for a Purpose. The school has over 300 pupils from the ages of 4 to 12 and is in dire need of equipment and maintenance. We are proud of their successes under difficult circumstances and would like to share some of their recent achievements with you, which includes taking part in a National Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe Quiz, in which they placed 10th overall competing with private schools from all over Zimbabwe.


The Wildlife Quiz was organised by the Painted Dog Centre (PDC) which is just down the road from Elephant’s Eye, Hwange. The PDC is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife in the area and not only for Painted Dogs (African Wild Dogs) although that is their specific focus. They’ve set up Conservation Clubs in all the local schools and organised various conservation activities such as game drives and conservation camps, preparing the children for the Wildlife Quiz and Performing Arts Competition, both with a conservation focus.

The Wildlife Quiz had four rounds which were Cluster level, District level, Provincial level and National level. Dingani Primary School won the first three rounds and then came tenth in the National round where they competed amongst the top 20 schools in the country. This is an amazing achievement for a rural school that has incredibly limited resources. They also had excellent results for the Performing Arts Competition. The theme was “Help Us Help Nature” and there were two rounds, Dingani won overall in the Poetry and Music categories.

Here is a video of the song they performed:

We are so proud of their achievements and excited that these schoolchildren are learning to have a passion for conservation. Developing and nurturing an appreciation of wildlife and the environment in young children is essential to safeguard the beauty and uniqueness of it. In fact, wildlife conservation is most important for future generations as they are the ones who have the most to lose but can also make the most impact.