Dumi, Our Guide Who Grew Up in Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is in Dumi’s blood, his father was a Park Ranger and he practically grew up in the park, with the bush as his playground. While initially embarking on a career in accounting he eventually followed in his father’s footsteps and is now one of the lodge’s most popular guides. Guests always leave high praise for Dumi, remarking how he went above and beyond to make their game drives unforgettable and building their stay around what interests them the most. Dumi himself considers the best compliment he received as one where guests praised him for his accommodating approach to guiding.

“I care deeply about conservation,” says Dumi.

Dumi has been working at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange for two years now and has been in the tourism and hospitality industry since 1996. He is passionate about learning new things and really enjoys interacting with guests, sharing his knowledge. Dumi is actually from Dete, the community that Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is a part of. Being from Dete, when he takes guests on the Community Upliftment Experience, he is introducing them to his community and is able to share his own stories of growing up just outside Hwange National Park. As a guide, Dumi cares deeply about conservation. Above all, it is to ensure that future generations enjoy that unparalleled experience of seeing wildlife roam free in their natural habitat but he also recognises that it provides valuable employment and foreign currency in a country that has severe economic challenges.

Dumi - our guide at Elephant's Eye, Hwange

When it comes to his favourite wildlife experience, it would definitely have to be when he witnessed an elephant giving birth, he felt incredibly privileged so experience something like that and will remember that moment forever. It was especially poignant as elephants are his favourite animal. Dumi says if you take the time to observe them you can see how similar their social interactions are to humans and that their interpersonal connections are incredibly fascinating. Elephant are frequent visitors are Elephant’s Eye and Dumi is always delighted when the ellies drink from the swimming pool, it’s something that always surprises guests and is probably one of the most memorable events for them.

Dumi loves nothing more than providing guests with the most amazing safari holiday, he hopes to welcome many more safari enthusiasts in the future.