Fully Immersed in Lake Kariba

There seems no better way to reconnect with self and others than through travel. An educator in its own right, travel teaches us how to be brave, how to be silent, how to appreciate, and a firm reminder of who we really are. A recent trip to Kariba Safari Lodge, Karibasee holding its own volume of lessons to learn, made sure to affirm the importance of travel – in appreciation of beauty as well as life-changing experiences.

Fully Immersed in Lake Kariba 1

A much needed trip out of town led us to the shores of Lake Kariba – close enough to easily access from Harare and far enough away to feel on holiday. Respecting the lake for its wild ways as well as its calming effect, we were ready to disconnect from everyday life, take in some lessons from nature, and reconnect to ourselves.

“Kariba Safari Lodge is the perfect relaxation station”

A four hour drive led us further away from the bustle of the city and into the much quieter, much quainter town of Kariba. Winding streets fringed with frangipanis and bougainvilleas delivered us to Kariba Safari Lodge, situated on a mountain side with panoramic views over the vast waters of the lake. An oasis of cool and classy welcomed us, a pool for reprieve, a bar for refreshments and a vista to rest our eyes in awe. As one of the girls in our group stated, “Kariba Safari Lodge is the perfect relaxation station” – one which we were excited to surrender to for the next few days. And relax we did.

Fully Immersed in Lake Kariba 2

However, we did share an experience which got the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing, connecting with each other as well as our fears! After a cultural tour of Kariba town, with a visit to the engineering feat that is the Kariba Dam Wall as well as the Tongan museum, we embarked on a sunset catamaran excursion. We floated down to the boat, coasting on the high of our holiday, ready to indulge in wine, sunset and snacks upon a sailboat. Leaving shore, propelled by the wind and excited conversation, we gently sailed across Kariba waters, in awe of our location and current reality.

Our boat captain, Rogers, who has been sailing Kariba waters for close on 30 years, casually offered us the option to sit in the boat net to cool off while we sail. With nervous giggles and a glass of wine for dutch courage, we decide to face our fears, trusting in the experience of Rogers and hoping for the best. Maneuvering ourselves to the back of the boat, gingerly lowering into the net one trepidatious limb at a time, we fully immerse in the water. It was cool, and thrilling, and we submerged for as long as our minds would allow without thinking of what possibly lurks beneath. Navigating ourselves out of the net, we sat at the front of the boat in self-congratulatory celebration of our bravery.

Fully Immersed in Lake Kariba 3

The experience reconfirmed the truth that we reconnect to ourselves through travel, as well as facing our fears, stepping out of our comfort zone and trusting the experts. We literally sailed into the sunset, sharing an understanding of gratitude and satisfaction, warm African sun on our skin, with cool and conquered Kariba waters below, heading back to the relaxation station.

Fully Immersed in Lake Kariba 4