Kariba Safari Lodge: A Relaxation Station

There are many facets to one’s African adventure. The call of the wild and untamed, the thrill of the unknown, stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. It all begins with the planning. Excitement builds while researching national parks, the culture of a destination and activities offered. Which season is best for wildlife, what to pack, what is the traditional food, how to find local markets and what is the local language? The anticipation for foreign encounters and mental stimulation begins before the tickets are even booked. The holiday starts when the travel seed is planted, nourished by conversations, suspense and daydreaming.

Kariba Safari Lodge: A Relaxation Station 1

Africa is a full blown sensory experience. Stepping down onto the tarmac or the airstrip within a national park, one is met with rising heat mixed with the smell of the earth. Warm smiles and open arms combined with song, dance and the beat of the djembe drum immediately ensures Africa settles into your soul.

Whisked off on your adventure, your first safari lodge awaits, immersed in the wild. One is surrounded by bush, ending the days with windblown hair and sand attached to shoes from following in the footsteps of professional and passionate guides. There have possibly been encounters with elephants, large herds crossing in front of the safari vehicle, close enough to hear the low rumbles as they talk to each other. Hopefully, one would have seen a variety of plains game – zebra dazzling the landscape, giraffe passing graceful and tall, impala leaping through the bush. The comforting presence of the yellow billed hornbill hopping from tree to road is a constant on a game drive, an iconic African feature.

Kariba Safari Lodge: A Relaxation Station 2

One may have been lucky enough to have seen an apex predator – lions or wild dog in action, or perhaps either lazing beneath a tree after a hunt. Leopards tend to prefer the shade high up in the tree branches, a reminder to always look up on safari, as well as below for evidence of tracks and stories left in the sand. The simple thrill of the possible presence of wildlife is enough to keep clients curious, expecting anything and assuming nothing .

Then, there is the much needed time for surrender on safari. To take a moment to reconnect, replenish and relax. Here we offer you Kariba Safari Lodge – the perfect location to completely unwind. In either preparation or reflection of your adventure, Kariba Safari Lodge is an invitation to read, to swim, to siesta or to indulge in a selection of delicious cocktails. A veritable relaxation station.

Kariba Safari Lodge view
Kariba Safari Lodge view

The swimming pool is framed by palm trees and cushions, an offer of reprieve from the African heat. Each room is spacious and air conditioned with an option to relax inside or outside, a pocket of privacy during your journey. The bar and dining area boast a spectacular view of Karibasee – blue waters stretching to the horizon. The pace is slow and the demand for your time is none, taking your schedule into your own hands.

An option for a half day town tour is available for the culturally curious, local craft markets and the Kariba Dam Wall make for a fascinating excursion. Time upon Lake Kariba itself calls, either a fishing excursion or a cruise on the catamaran. This is the definition of relaxation, sailing on calm waters, sipping on a sundowner while watching the sky change from blues to purples to orange in a breathtaking Kariba sunset.

Kariba Safari Lodge: A Relaxation Station 3

There is a fine balance in exploring Africa’s wild spaces and surrendering to relaxation – ensuring the need for adventure and reconnection are both met. The beauty of Africa is that both are easily accessible – the wild wrapped in comfort – satisfying your every travel need.