Mana Pools: The Definition of Safari

When one mentions the word ‘safari’, two very distinct experiences come to mind. One is the 5 star hotel with the 400 thread count sheets, high tea and private game drives with fresh hand towels offered on return. The other is the feet rooted to the earth, tent under a tree, rising with the sun to have a bucket shower to the sound of nearby hippos. Both are exceptional. Each has its place in the realm of travel, satisfying respective safari seekers’ appetite for an African adventure.

Whether you are rising from a slumber wrapped in Egyptian cotton, or zipping open your sleeping bag, the wild world beyond awaits with equal offering. The birds which serenade dawn sing a similar song, the bushbuck leaves the same delicate footprint and the elephant traverses animal corridors of old. Male lions defend their territories while the females head out to hunt. Hippos wallow in the cool shallows, while riverine birds dart in and around water in pursuit of their next meal. Wild dog pups wander trepidatiously from their den in the playful pretence of a hunt. This is life in Mana Pools National Park, an invitation to experience all of the above, and more.

Mana Pools Safari Lodge

The constant ebbs and flows of nature remain breathtaking and awe inspiring despite where one may lay their head. However, we each have our various holiday preferences in experience as well as accommodation. We are entitled to our choices, our time to unwind is our own, with no explanation needed. We go away to explore, to reconnect, to adventure or to heal. We are on an endeavour with ourselves, our loved ones and with nature. In fact, the very definition of safari from its swahili roots means ‘journey’ or ‘expedition’, a personal venture and each to their own.

One returns to nature time and again to get lost in its authenticity, consequently finding our authentic selves along the way. We find a certain peace in the raw, untamed manner of the wild. It reminds us to be aware, requesting respect and presence. Nature knows none other than the current moment, living fully in the present, prompting us to do the same. This is its gift to us, beautifully oblivious in its effect.

Mana Pools: The Definition of Safari 1

From the comfort of our tent or the luxury of our chalet, we are transformed by the wilderness. Having embarked on a walking safari, immersed in the bush, or perhaps a game drive of wild observation, we return changed. Mana Pools Safari Lodge caters to both the camper and the seeker of leisure; the perfect medium between five star comfort and camping. The large thatch chalets gifting the ambience of blending into nature with the finer details of luxury. One can sleep with the canvas blinds open, welcoming the sounds and sights of the wild, yet safe and comfortable within their queen size bed. The vista of the wilderness and the Zambezi river just beyond merges both definitions of safari into one; rising to the sun with the sound of nearby hippos while encased in comfort.

Mana Pools: The Definition of Safari 2

Built on the foundations of wild immersion, Hideaways invites you to embark on your personal encounter with nature, providing a platform for life-changing experiences in the wilderness. Book your safari, commence your ‘journey’, be one with the wilderness, returning reconnected and reminded of your roots.