Night-Time Game Drives – A Concession Exclusive

As the sun sets in the African bush certain animals start to rouse themselves, ready to stake their claim over their dominion and put the survival of the fittest to test. Most of these nocturnal animals are out of sight during the day which means that if you are only experiencing daytime game drives then you are missing out on some unique species and interesting behaviours. Staying on a private concession has the exclusive advantage of offering guests nighttime game drives, allowing them to maximise their safari experience with a night-time game drive.

Game Drive

Guests at our lodge have been treated to some rare and magnificent sightings on night-time game drives, such as two Bat-eared foxes having a romantic moment, an Aardvark scuttling across the road, and a pack of Painted dogs feasting on a recent kill. Lions are also more active at night, their bone-chilling roars can be heard from 5 km away and it is usually this time that they are on the hunt, leopards too. There’s a thrilling frisson of fear in the air, even though you are safe in your vehicle and guides would never put guests in danger. It does remind one that the bush is the animals’ domain and we are all just incredibly fortunate visitors.


Night-time game drives take place after dinner has been enjoyed under the stars, or are sometimes combined with sundowners in the bush before dinner and take about an hour and a half.