Making a Positive Impact with Pack for a Purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, a global initiative that provides guidelines for travellers who would like to make a positive contribution on their trip. Our clients receive a Pack for a Purpose list before they leave on their holiday which explains what needed items they can bring for Dingani Primary School in their luggage. Many of our clients have responded positively to this request, and have brought along incredibly thoughtful items for the pupils that they, and we, greatly appreciate.

This year, between the months of May right up till the end August we received 38.4 kgs of stationary, books, clothing, remedial items and toys. We had a bit of a slow start at the beginning of the year, but as the season started taking off our collections increased. We also received several “out of the box items” such as jumping ropes, basketballs, socks and underwear etc. These special items were not enough to distribute to everyone but instead were given to top performers as a reward for their achievements. In every grade (1-7) 2-3 learners were identified as top achievers and in mid-October, we went to the school to do a handover and informal “prize giving”. The students’ faces lit up at their gifts and we hope it will inspire them to continue to do well, as well as inspire other students to focus on their academic career.

Pack for a Purpose
Pupil receives their parcel of Pack for a Purpose items

The school has over 300 pupils from the ages of 4 to 12 years old and is in dire need of equipment and maintenance in order to continue the education and development of their pupils. The clients who give so generously through Pack for a Purpose are making an incredibly valuable difference in the lives of these children, improving and stimulating their education and assisting with providing a better future. Hideaways is extremely appreciative of our clients’ contributions and would like to encourage them to continue packing these much-needed items.

Pack for a Purpose
Our guide, Mash, and a teacher from Dingani Primary School

Have a look at the list on Pack for Purpose and choose from the goods that can fit in a travel bag! These items are sorely needed by the school and when clients visit the Elephant’s Eye, Hwange, they are supporting Dingani Primary’s education.