Safari Share | Introducing Kids To Hwange National Park & Conservation

Did you know that for every guest that stays at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange we will take a Dingani Primary School learner on a game drive in Hwange-Nationalpark? This is our Grow Africa Safari Share initiative. Many of the children in the community have never even been in the park, despite living right on its doorstep. Recently we were able to take the Grade 6 and 7 learners on our second such trip. The students were collected from the school in our safari vehicles and treated to Shephard’s expert guiding knowledge. Of all the wildlife, spotting a lion was most certainly the highlight, as most had never seen one before. After enjoying a packed lunch while observing a waterhole from a hide, the students also learned about their environment, its biology and conservation and opened their eyes to the importance of conservation as well as the potential for future career opportunities.

Safari Share

People travel from far and wide to experience an African safari. Observing a pride of lions on the hunt, or a large herd of elephants at the waterhole is an amazing experience that leaves people in awe at the wonders of nature. Witnessing the animals in their natural habitat, where you are merely a guest, is a feeling like no other. It usually inspires visitors to be more concerned and passionate about conservation and the environment and to make some positive changes in their day-to-day lives. We can sometimes forget how connected we are on this earth and how some experiences can span generations and lifetimes, like the simply breathtaking beauty of the African bush.

Safari Share

We have so much to learn from these encounters, especially the younger generation. Reading a book or watching a video is certainly informative but can never really compare to the actual experience. For the young learners from Dingani Primary, a game drive in the National Park really brings home some lessons about the survival of the fittest, how ecosystems are deeply interconnected, as well as evolution and adaptation. A trip like this might also inspire a budding biologist or even a future guide.

Guest who visit our lodge not only come for a holiday but impact the community around the lodge, we are happy to say that it is in an overwhelmingly positive way.