WATCH Beyond the Lodge | Episode 2: Camp Kuzuma, Chobe

“If we keep our eyes simple – our hearts will be bright.”
– Brett McDonald

The values and ethos of a lodge extend beyond its interior and design. The true essence of a property is held in its partnerships – with both people and nature. It is here, in these interactions, where we find connection.

Hideaways’ second episode of Beyond the Lodge welcomed Flame of Africa’s Brett McDonald to the conversation stage. Being an activity provider as well as return guest to Camp Kuzuma, Brett’s wealth of experience and value beyond the superficial reflect the spirit of Hideaways. Known as a ‘maverick’ in the industry, he has observed key paradigm shifts in travel demands, and consequently curated authentic and sensory journeys for guests to tune in to nature’s symphony. A choreographer of safari excursions, Brett spoke to director Garth Jenman and CEO Katja Quasdorf about the importance of getting back in touch with creation.

To tune into nature’s symphony, watch the recording of this enlightening and thought provoking chat about our Botswana property, Camp Kuzuma, and the tales Beyond the Lodge.