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Sleep under the African sky, at The Eye

Have you ever spent a night under the African sky? With nothing but a mosquito net between you and the stars? Imagine falling asleep to the sounds of the bush and being woken by them as the morning sun starts to paint the sky on its ascent. You can have this rare opportunity during your stay at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange if you book an evening at the aptly named sleep-out deck, The Eye.

The Eye

The sleep-out deck with its luxurious star bed is right by a waterhole so a variety of animals will come and go especially in the early morning- providing a rather unique alarm clock! An African waterhole at sunrise is a fantastic spot for wildlife viewing and what better way to take it all in, than from the cosy comfort of your bed. Guests are escorted at sunset to the deck for sundowners, before being left to enjoy the tranquillity of the surrounding bushveld as the day turns to night. The deck is on 2 levels, with a bathroom underneath and the luxurious queen bed up top with the most amazing views of the waterhole and the surrounding bush.

The Eye

If it’s a night of deep uninterrupted slumber you’re looking for, The Eye might not be for you. But if you want to be immersed in the beauty and rawness of nature while still feeling safe and experiencing the ultimate in comfort, then The Eye is an experience not to be missed. The stars will feel so close you could touch them, in fact, you might see some shooting stars streak across the sky. In the distance might be some low rumblings of a lion calling the rest of his pride while they’re out on the prowl. But don’t worry, a guide is never too far away, in case you hear a curious bump in the night, it’s most likely an elephant making its way through the bush to the waterhole. It is a magical, unique way for guests to experience the African bush and get closer to nature while on their safari holiday.

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