Half Day Binga Town Tour

Explore Binga Town, a fascinating and rich cultural centre of Zimbabwe located on the western end of Lake Kariba, on a half-day town tour while staying at our Binga safari lodge, Masuma River Lodge.

The town was built when the Tongan people were relocated when Lake Kariba was built and its rising waters covered their traditional homes. A private guide will host you on your Binga town tour while visiting local museums and engaging with the local Batonga population. The BaTonga Community Museum houses several exhibits and also includes artifacts like unique musical instruments used in rainmaking ceremonies.

Visit the craft market on your Binga town tour and buy locally made souvenirs, jewelry and handwoven baskets. You will also be able to buy Tonga beadwork to take home after your Zimbabwe safari.
Visiting the Chibwatatata hot springs on the shores of Lake Kariba, a natural phenomenon of geographical interest, should also be included in your Binga town tour itinerary.

Top Accommodation for Half Day Binga Town Tour