Bush Dinners in Chobe

Include a bush dinner at our Chobe safari lodge in your Botswana safari itinerary to make your African journey an unforgettable experience. Dining under a star-filled sky is a feast for the senses and the ritual of gathering around the fire as night falls in the middle of the wilderness is essential to every African safari. To round off a perfect day out on safari at our Botswana lodge, indulge in a bush dinner by candlelight.

This Out of Africa experience in an exquisite location will most certainly leave a lasting impression, in flavour and event. Produce from the eco-friendly vegetable garden at our Chobe safari lodge will most likely be part of the meal. The garden utilises and recycles kitchen waste to create rich and nutritious soil. Elephant dung and leaves from surrounding trees are sometimes also used to create organic and natural fertilizing.

Cooking over an open fire, using traditional methods and catering to special dietary requirements are part of the experience of sitting down to a bush dinner.

Top Accommodation for Bush Dinners in Chobe