Game Viewing in Hwange National Park

A game drive in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe puts safari-goers in one of the ultimate wildlife hotspots in Southern Africa. A Hwange game drive in one of our open safari vehicles will leave a lasting impression with spectacular sightings of a myriad of species guaranteed.

Top of the list of Hwange National Park activities is to witness its enormous concentration of elephants. There are an estimated 44 000 pachyderms inhabiting the park, which is practically half of Zimbabwe’s elephant population. Observing a super herd at one of the countless watering holes in Hwange is a mesmerizing experience. The younger elephants especially are a delight to watch, with the calfs playfully rolling around in the mud under the watchful eyes of the mature cows. 

Other animals in Hwange National Park include lions and wild dogs that occur in great numbers and that form part of the Big 5 game viewing experience. Hwange is furthermore the only protected area where gemsbok and brown hyena can be spotted on a safari to Zimbabwe. 

Close to 400 bird species roam the skies above Hwange, making the park a birding hotspot in Zimbabwe. Some of the largest flying birds, including the kori bustard and the secretary bird, call Hwange home. Around 50 species of raptors can also be found on a Hwange safari, with sights of the impressive bateleur eagle very common. Keen birders should take note of the different seasons in Hwange, with migratory species flocking to the park in big numbers between November and April. 

Game drives in Hwange National Park are either half-day (in the morning or afternoon) or full-day.

Guided Walks in Hwange 

Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s largest game reserve and has one of the densest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. Guided walks are a special highlight of any stay at our game lodges in Hwange. 

The wilderness areas surrounding Elephant’s Eye Tented Camp and Nantwich Lodge are excellent environments for guided bush walks. The terrain is easy to traverse and wildlife is easily viewable. These guided walks in Hwange are a wonderful opportunity to have a more intimate experience with the surrounding flora and fauna. 

Observe the wildlife of Hwange from close quarters with a guided walk conducted by our expert guides. They ensure that guests are safe on these walks, as well as share their special insights about this unique Zimbabwe safari destination. Our guides interpret and relay the behaviour of species like elephants, buffalo and plains game. There are even opportunities to view predators like lions and hyenas from a safe distance during this exhilarating Hwange activity. 

On a guided walk in Hwange, our guides take their time to look at animal tracks and other signs of the natural world. The birding is fantastic and endemic species to be spotted on a guided walk in Hwange include the racket-tailed roller, Bradfield’s hornbill and Dickinson’s kestrel.

Night Drives in Hwange 

Experience the best with a night drive in Hwange while staying at Elephant’s Eye Tented Camp, located on a private concession to the east of Hwange National Park. Staying on a private concession gives our guests the exclusive advantage of maximising their Zimbabwe safari experience with a game drive at night. 

Our Hwange safari lodge is perfectly situated to embark on a night drive. While a traditional day safari will bring sightings of commonly seen species like elephant, buffalo, zebra and giraffe, the cover of darkness presents the opportunity to encounter rarely seen animals. Species include aardvark and pangolin as well as a variety of nocturnal birds and elusive predators like leopards. You can also spot other species like honey badgers, porcupines, small and large spotted genets and springhares. 

Guests at Elephant’s Eye Tented Camp have experienced some rare and magnificent sightings on night drives in the private concession bordering Hwange National Park. These include playful bat-eared foxes, an aardvark in plain sight and a pack of wild dogs feasting on a fresh kill. The bone-chilling roars of lions and the grunts of a lone leopard have also been heard on more than one occasion.

Night drives in Hwange usually last for around two hours.  

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