Horseback Safaris in Hwange

Observe wildlife from a completely different vantage point on a horseback safari while staying at Elephant’s Eye Tented Camp, Hwange. Our authentic Zimbabwe safari lodge is located on a private concession to the east of Hwange National Park.

Replace the hum of the game viewing vehicle with the peaceful clip-clop of hooves on a horseback safari in Hwange as it is just you, your horse and the surrounding bush of grasslands and acacia trees. The landscape in Hwange leans itself perfectly to a horseback safari, with the riding terrain varying from teak forest to open grassy bushveld.

The natural surroundings change dramatically between the cooler dry winters and warm humid summers. The vast expanse of our private concession is further ideal for a horseback safari as it provides unhindered views of animals including giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, elephant, and buffalo. There is also the opportunity to get close to seldom-seen antelope like roan and sable, or even watch rhinos wallowing in mud pools.

All horseback safaris in Hwange are led by a professional guide and a backup guide, with the horses capable of walking, trotting, cantering and galloping. Depending on the riders’ ability level, anyone 16 years and older can be accommodated on a horseback safari lasting anything from one hour to a full day. Pony rides for anyone up to 11 years are also available.

Top Accommodation for Horseback Safaris in Hwange