Game Viewing in Mana Pools National Park

Game Drives in Mana Pools

A game drive through Mana Pools National Park is a gift to the senses. This expansive wildlife conservation area in the north of Zimbabwe is one of Africa’s most renowned game-viewing regions countless species roaming the area. Discover the true sense of wilderness on a game drive in Mana Pools and be surprised by this intriguing African adventure.

Mana Pools are home to Zimbabwe’s largest population of hippos and crocodiles. During the dry season, these animals can be seen lining the banks of the pools sunning or grazing. Herds of elephants, buffalo and a variety of antelope species also congregate around available water sources between June and October. This in return attracts predators like lion, wild dog and hyena. The animals are easier to spot because the bush thins out and the wildlife concentrates around the Zambezi River and the pools on its floodplains.

A definite highlight on a game drive in Mana Pools, is the sight of elephants balancing on their legs and stretching their trunks to the sky, skillfully pulling nutritious leaves and pods off the albida trees. They have mastered the skill in order to survive the dry season when food is scarce.

Birdwatchers will also enjoy the more than 450 species that can be spotted on a game drive in Mana Pools. An absolute favourite is observing the carmine bee-eaters during summer as they make their nests in the banks of the Zambezi River. Their iridescent blues and pinks splash the brown banks with colour as they swoop in and out of their nesting holes to feed their young.

A safari in Mana Pools, conducted by a qualified guide, is an experience not to be missed. Drinks and snacks are provided. Children aged 11 and older are allowed on game drives in Mana Pools.

Guided Walks in Mana Pools

A guided walk in Mana Pools should not be missed. The best way to discover the magic of Mana Pools on foot is with our experienced guides who have intimate knowledge of the local wildlife. With a spring in their step, they lead you out into the wild, armed with curiosity and a safety rifle, ready to read the signs of nature

Being a small Zimbabwe park holding big treasures, there is much to discover on a guided walk in Mana Pools. Encouraged year-round, close encounters with species like elephants, buffalos and even wild dogs and lions are not uncommon. The pools of Mana Pools are a magnet for wildlife and spotting hippos and crocodiles on a guided walk is guaranteed.

Experiencing Mana Pools on a guided walk further gives safari-goers the opportunity to marvel at the allure of the albida trees, with their presence towering over the surrounding landscape and interspersed with sausage and mahogany trees. Explore the banks of the Zambezi River in search of the brightly coloured Carmine bee-eater while passing beneath the towering trees on a guided walk in Mana Pools. Other riverine birds include the iconic fish eagle, the rare rufous-bellied heron and the elusive Pel’s fishing owl.

You need to be 17 years and older to go on a guided walk in Mana Pools.

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