Mokoro Experiences on the Okavango Delta

A mokoro expedition is essential if you’re visiting the Okavango Delta! This is a distinctive method to explore the lush waterways and indigenous wildlife in the area and is frequently regarded as the ultimate experience in Botswana.

A mokoro is a simple dug-out canoe that is propelled similarly to punting by shoving a pole from the stern of the boat. For many centuries, it has served as the main form of transportation for the populace.

The famous Okavango Delta Floods in Botswana are best experienced between May and October. The Okavango River and its floodplains get summer rainfall from the highlands of Angola. Water rushes into the Okavango plains and channels for three months, forming a wetland oasis.

Mokoro safaris are an excellent way to learn about the Okavango ecosystem since there is something new to discover around every corner, whether it is the flora that grows in the canals or the wildlife that makes it home.

A mokoro ride is a great way to take in the calm and stunning beauty of the Okavango.

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