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You can really get into the heart of one of Zimbabwe’s most famous wildlife areas on guided bush walks around Hideaways Bumbusi Wilderness Camp, in Hwange National Park. The western part of Zimbabwe is home to Hwange National Park, which is famous for its many species and different ecosystems. This makes it a great place for both nature lovers and safari-goers. As it is tucked away in the park, Hideaways Bumbusi Wilderness Camp is a great place to start exploring this wild area on foot because it is so remote and the area is full of history.

Led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide, Blessed, Bumbusi’s on-site pro-guide, guided bush walks offer visitors a unique opportunity to intimately connect with nature and gain a deeper understanding of the park’s ecosystem. Unlike traditional game drives, where wildlife is observed from the confines of a vehicle, bush walks allow visitors to step off the beaten path and immerse themselves the small and special details, step-by-step, which make the African bush so unique.

Bumbusi Wilderness Camp
Walking safaris at Bumbusi Wilderness Camp

Croc Searching at Bera Pools

Located a short walk away from Hideaways Bumbusi Wilderness camp lies Bera Pools. Walk along the calm water’s edge and check the banks for signs of crocodiles. Blessed’s keen eye and intimate knowledge of the area increase our chances of encountering these ancient reptiles as they sunbathe or stealthily navigate the waters.

The Deka River

Guided walks along the banks of the Deka River provide an opportunity to discover nature alongside knowledgeable locals. The Deka River, famous for its diverse wildlife and cultural significance, offers a special experience as you meander along its shaded pathways. You’ll have the chance to spot various animals and learn about the plants that thrive along the riverbanks. The soothing sounds of birds singing and water flowing add to the peaceful ambiance of the walk. Along the way, you’ll gain insights into the river’s ecosystem and its importance for the surrounding flora and fauna.

Walking Safaris Bumbusi Wilderness Camp
Walking Safari along the Deka River

The Bumbusi Ruins

The Bumbusi Ruins offer a captivating glimpse into the region’s ancient history. Dating back to the late Iron Age, these ruins served as a thriving community and a vital hub along southern Africa’s trade routes. Today, designated as the Bumbusi National Monument, these ruins are safeguarded by Zimbabwean law for their historical and archaeological importance. Guided tours provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the site’s stone structures, artifacts, and rock engravings, offering insights into ancient societies and cultural exchanges.

Bumbusi Wilderness Camp
Etchings near the Bumbusi Ruins

Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forests offer an amazing display of how long natural time has passed. These stone pieces from trees that lived more than 150 million years ago give us a fascinating look into how ecosystems worked back then. These are scientifically significant as they provide vital information about how the earth evolved, and they also have social and historical relevance they are revered in local folklore. Even though the woods are strong, they are in danger from the impact of environmental changes over time. Lucky visitors can go on guided tours that take them through this amazing ancient landscape. These tours help people understand how everything in nature is linked and how important it is for us to protect these natural wonders for future generations.

Each guided bush walk from Bumbusi Wilderness Camp promises a unique and enriching experience, blending adventure, discovery, and education in the pristine wilderness of Hwange National Park. Whether you’re in search of crocodiles, encountering wildlife along the riverbanks, exploring ancient ruins, or marveling at a petrified forest, these walks invite you to forge unforgettable memories and deepen your connection to Africa’s wild heart.

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