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Andrew Dalzell

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Andrew Dalzell has lived a life of adventure and purpose. It has taken him from the shores of Zambia to the rapids of Zimbabwe, and from the vast savannas of Tanzania to the sprawling wilds of Zambia.

Born in Zambia, Andrew’s family then moved to Zimbabwe where he spent most of his formative years. He began his career as a canoe guide on the Lower Zambezi in 1989 and he spent two years guiding guests on the Zambezi River.

A move to Victoria Falls a few years later saw Andrew operating as a rafting guide while also leading kayaking trips. He spent his spare time assisting on walking safaris and gaining experience in problem animal control.

Andrew achieved his dream of becoming a professional safari guide and he started leading mobile safaris in various national parks across Zimbabwe. He ventured to Zambia in 1998 where he managed camps and guided safaris in the Kafue, South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Parks.

Over the years, Andrew has continued to work as a freelance guide in Mana Pools National Park. These days, he continues with his passion for leading guests on thrilling African safaris in spectacular locations such as Hwange National Park, where Elephant’s Eye Tented Camp and Nantwich Lodge are situated.