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Head Guide at Nantwich Lodge

Courage is the dedicated and passionate head guide at Nantwich Lodge, whose lifelong dream of becoming a guide was inspired by his father and uncle, both of whom were field guides. Despite starting out as a bedroom hand in the hospitality industry, Courage worked his way up to his current position through hard work and determination.

One of Courage’s greatest passions is nature conservation, which he believes is crucial for preserving the diverse flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy. As a guide, he takes great pride in sharing his knowledge and expertise with guests, helping them to spot animals that are on their bucket list and teaching them about the wonders of African wildlife.

Courage has a particular affinity for elephants, seeing them as kindred spirits to humans due to their shared values. He believes that every encounter with an elephant offers a new opportunity for learning and personal growth.

When he’s not guiding guests through the wilderness, Courage enjoys pursuing his other hobbies, such as fishing and watching documentaries and movies. He considers himself a bridge between guests and nature, and takes joy in sharing his love of the natural world with others.