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Guide at Mogotlho Safari Lodge

Dima is a highly esteemed guide at Mogotlho Safari Lodge who has spent his entire life in Botswana. Growing up in the region has endowed him with extensive knowledge of the region’s flora and fauna. Dima’s fascination with birds blossomed after completing his schooling, and he spent a significant amount of time observing and studying various feathered species in the bush. This passion led him to pursue a career as a qualified guide, which he has been doing ever since.

Dima’s commitment to his craft earned him an incredible opportunity to obtain an accredited guide certificate from the Botswana Qualification Authority. Over two years, he studied and became certified as a nature guide and a leading walking guide. During this period, he was fortunate to be mentored by industry pioneers who introduced him to videography. Dima found himself immediately captivated by the art of wildlife videography.

Dima cherishes his position at Mogotlho Safari Lodge, where he feels liberated to unleash his creativity and capture breath-taking videos of his wild encounters.