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Guide at Elephant’s Eye Tented Camp

Dumi is the esteemed head guide at Elephant’s Eye Tented Camp, located in his favourite location, the magnificent Hwange National Park. Despite his childhood aspirations of being an accountant, Dumi’s lifelong exposure to the game ranging industry through his father ultimately led him to follow his true passion for nature conservation and become a guide.

Dumi takes immense pride in his ability to connect with clients, effectively interpreting their needs and delivering exceptional service. His affable nature and respect for his clients enable him to foster meaningful relationships with them, a skill he values greatly.

Dumi considers leaving his previous career as a debt collector to become a full-time guide as one of his most significant achievements. As an avid game drive enthusiast, Dumi loves nothing more than sharing his passion for wildlife with his guests, particularly when it comes to observing the active and intelligent elephants in their natural habitat.

Dumi’s enthusiasm for nature and his ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds make him an indispensable member of the Elephant’s Eye team.