Shepherd Mpofu

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Shepherd Mpofu

Head Guide at Big Cave Camp

Shepherd, the Head Guide and Assistant Manager at Big Cave Camp, is a passionate nature enthusiast who wholeheartedly embraces his role. To Shepherd, guiding feels like a perpetual vacation, as he finds immense joy and fulfilment in his work. His journey into the guiding industry was inspired by his two brothers, who are both accomplished guides themselves. Though his childhood dream was to become a teacher, Shepherd’s path led him to the captivating world of guiding, where he discovered his true calling.

Birding and mountain biking are two of Shepherd’s great passions. Exploring the avian wonders of the Matobo area and peddling through the rugged terrain bring him a profound sense of contentment. His deep appreciation for the natural world is evident in his vast knowledge and infectious enthusiasm.

Among Shepherd’s treasured memories as a guide, one stands out as particularly special. During a rhino activity, he had the incredible opportunity to touch a baby rhino. The awe-inspiring encounter left an indelible mark on his heart. This serves as a reminder of the extraordinary connections that can be formed between humans and wildlife.

With his warm and approachable nature, Shepherd creates an environment that fosters learning and exploration. He not only guides guests on thrilling wildlife encounters but also imparts his wisdom and insights, instilling in them a deeper understanding of the natural world.

As the Head Guide and Assistant Manager at Big Cave Camp, Shepherd’s dedication to providing exceptional experiences ensures that each guest’s time at the camp is unforgettable. His passion for guiding and love for nature make him an invaluable asset to the camp and a cherished guide among visitors.