A Time-Lion from Mogothlo Safari Lodge, Botswana

The Khwai River area and the Mababe concession are renowned for the wild and untamed, Mogotlho Safari Lodge standing true to this reputation with a lion pride recently marking their territory in the lodge grounds and surrounds. The lodge manager has provided us with an exciting ‘time lion’ of the pride’s movements, captivating our attention. Camouflaged cats peak through the savannah below, simultaneously observing their observers.

  • February 9th – Pride spotted along the river nearby. Relaxed. One black mane male amongst the females.
  • February 26th – Roaring all evening around the lodge. All staff and guests driven by vehicle to their accommodations.
  • February 27th – Three black mane brothers make themselves at home, sleeping on the road entering the lodge. They spend the day lying in the grass next to tent 2. Lodge on high alert!

  • February 28th – Roaring vibrating through the lodge during the evening. The three brothers once again spotted walking around the lodge. Tracks and signs indicate they have spent the day marking their territory in the lodge vicinity.
  • March 2nd –  Night drive. Four females and two young males spotted at the main entrance to the lodge. Have they come to join the three brothers?
  • March 3rd – now – Roaring most evenings. It seems a lone female has decided to keep within the lodge area. We presume (and hope) that she is seeking a safe place to give birth. We have decided not to harass them or seek them out, in order to let them feel unthreatened – and safe.

Exciting times! Follow us to keep updated on the whereabouts of this feline family – the pride of Mogotlho!

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