Camp Kuzuma: The Ultimate Couch Safari

As pioneers of recent travel and the lucky winners of our Golden Circuit Safari Competition, our guests Ronald and Storm kindly shared some pictures and experiences of their journey. 

Elephants By Pan

The Golden Safari Circuit is a combination of Southern Africa’s top safari destinations and lodges. This 9 night adventure is a safari for the senses with a diverse choice of landscapes and accommodation styles. Starting in Zimbabwe, in the iconic location of Victoria Falls, guests spend two nights at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. A mere 4km from the mighty waterfall, the lodge is the perfect springboard for exploration of the area and its surroundings. Built on a plateau with a waterhole in front and an exceptional vista of the national park, the lodge boasts a visual feast of the wilderness, especially at sunset. 

Day three takes you to Camp Kuzuma, Chobe situated in the Kazuma Forestry Reserve in Botswana. Camp Kuzuma is an off-the-grid eco lodge in Botswana located next to the Seloko Plains – a popular animal corridor, meaning lots of wildlife! Elephant’s Eye deep in Hwange and Nantwich are the hosts of the final four nights in Hwange National Park. Located in different sections of the park, the properties offer unique experiences and game viewing opportunities. Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is known for its big herds of elephants and community programmes, whereas Nantwich is situated in big cat country, and known for its gin making sessions! 

Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is a boutique eco-lodge on the border of Hwange National Park, situated on its own private concession. It’s 8 tented rooms are designed to blend into nature, raised on stilts and camouflaged in the trees. One truly feels part of the surroundings, sharing space with a pair of cranes living at the waterhole, moving around the camp to the sound of the weaver birds nesting above the kitchen as well as the occasional large herd of elephants which come to drink from the pool. 

Elephant's Eye

Nantwich is located a mere hour’s drive from Victoria Falls, on the western wing of Hwange. The lodge sits on the borders of both the Matetsi concession as well as Chobe National Park in Botswana, animals migrating freely between the areas – a veritable animal intersection. Remote, refurbished and resurrected from a bygone era, the lodge is built from the foundations of responsible tourism, simple yet refined, with a personal twist. 

Nantwich Exclusive Use Special

A highlight within the journey for Ronald and Storm was their stay at Camp Kuzuma, Chobe. Immediately made to feel welcome and part of the family by managers Kevin and Shirley, as well as the lodge staff, they settled into their two day stay. The welcoming committee extended to a herd of elephant quenching their thirst at the waterhole in front of the lodge. Taking a leaf from the elephant’s book, the couple ordered some cocktails to quench their own thirst, immersing themselves into the swimming pool to share the moment.

Elephants By Swimming Pool

With Camp Kuzuma being so close to the busy animal corridor of the Seloko Plains, the waterhole in front of the lodge is a popular spot for wildlife – especially elephants! Water can be scarce in the wild, especially as we head towards the dry season, so it is imperative for survival to have a consistent and reliable source. Camp Kuzuma ensures this sustainability for wildlife, and in return, benefits from their company, and trust. With elephants visiting the waterhole almost daily, teaching their young where to find water, one can sit on the deck at the lodge and have the game come to them – the ultimate couch safari.

Camp Kuzuma, Chobe, Botswana

This diversity in properties in the Golden Safari Circuit satisfies cultural, experiential and conservation-based encounters. Each property emanates its own unique character, founded on the ideals of highlighting distinct qualities of the different areas. This 9 day itinerary was crafted with connection at its core. Absorbing the energy from the mighty Victoria Falls, exploring Chobe National Park and wildlife encounters in Hwange; a truly encapsulating African excursion.

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