CWF Hosts Illustrious Cocktail Evening

Last month the CWF held a fantastic event at Moonrise Villa in Cape Town to raise awareness about conservation, anti poaching goals in Hwange and invite key industry stakeholders to collaborate on critical issues. Katja as CEO and Director of Hideaways (a founding member of the CWF) gave a very inspiring speech on the hot topics of co-opetition, how we don’t like losing, and ways agents can inform guests on the issues of conservation before they travel. There was wonderful live music as well as fantastic refreshments, all in a magnificent setting. It was a meaningful and memorable evening in Cape Town and we are excited about the seeds of future partnerships that were planted at the party.


Several agents were in town for WTM so the even was able to attract an influential crowd when it comes to conservation awareness. While guests who visit the large game reserves of Africa and see the abundant wildlife may think that numbers are healthy, the reality is that wildlife and their homes are under constant threat. Going on a safari is one of the best and easiest ways to contribute to conservation, simply by creating a market for these protected spaces. Of course, there is so much more that can be done, and a safari holiday is just the first step. Travel agents are clients’ first point of contact when planning a safari holiday and they can provide valuable input on conservation awareness, as well as inspire clients to become more involved.


The CWF is a group of committed stakeholders in the Hwange National Park area who are dedicated to conserving the wildlife of the park. The nature of the group is collaborative and the wider the network, the more effective their impact. If you are interested in learning more or would like to become involved in please contact or  

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