Embracing Slow Travel in Matobo National Park

Embracing slow travel in the Matobo National park. Elements of travel have shifted from outdoor exploration, to embracing discovery from within. Here we find our inspiration to plant the seeds for future journeys, nourishing our dreams and plans in our imaginations. Embodying the understanding of creating timeless links in an African journey, Hideaways offers experiences at properties which satiate the need for freedom.

Africa offers an array of safari experiences – many which focus on chasing the big five, seeking adrenaline and adventure within the wild. Hideaways certainly encourages, as well as offers, such experiences at its various properties – however – Matobo National Park holds a more gentler side of safari – one beneath undulating rock formations, bestowed with tales of old fringed in golden grass.

Shashani Matobo Hills Lodge is set on a private concession on the periphery of the national park. Built on the edge of a large granite kopje (hill) – the lodge is gifted with a panoramic view of the Shashani Valley. One could spend days exploring the concession itself before heading out into the park. An ancient rain making ceremonial site sits adjacent to the lodge – waiting to be explored, or simply observed from the lodge lawns. Climbing to its peak allows for an inside view into traditional rituals from 100’s of years before – their echoes held in between balancing rocks. It also permits a different perspective of the vast valley below – winding roads a suggestion of its past – history stored in topography.

Cultural grain bins are another link to a tribal past, as well as the cave paintings upon the rock, hidden in the valley. One is able to walk around alone and at their own pace, discovering different corners of the concession. The atmosphere of Matobo invites one to settle into the moment, moving with intention and curiosity through its landscapes, taking time to truly observe. 

Matobo truly answers the call of adaptation and requirements of travel, staying in places longer to immerse and understand culture, history as well as wildlife. Being able to relax and connect to oneself and the wilderness – as well as satiate the need to seek wildlife if need be. Matobo also offers the opportunity to track rhino as well as the possibility to see the elusive leopard. There is no rush here.

Matobo National Park embodies the ideals of timelessness and slow travel. The park commands presence through gradually unveiling its treasures – stories held between rock crevices and painted on the inside of granite caves. Here, we are inspired to continue to plant seeds and nourish dreams, during outdoor exploration we continue to discover within.

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