Game Viewing on Our Concession Continues to Impress Guests

In December we had one of our best game drives on the concession where our lodge is located. Guests were excited to see quite a thrilling elephant charge, some might even say a “very scary” one, when they came across a large herd of elephants. They also spotted an incredible journey of giraffes, with 21 of the long-necked quadrupeds all in one place, as well as a huge herd of buffalo. We were lucky to receive a video of the buffalo enjoying themselves at the waterhole, lolling about in the mud, drinking water and dining on green grass, set against the backdrop of a stunning African sunset. Blessed our lodge manager remarked that “it doesn’t get better than this”.

Game Viewing

Game numbers and viewings have become increasingly impressive on our concession. Not only do guests’ chalets have uninterrupted views over the waterhole, allowing them to spot an impressive variety of game from the comfort and privacy of their own accommodation, but we have access to 6000 square meters teeming with wildlife. The fact that Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is located on a borderless concession next to Hwange National Park provides very special benefits. The animals easily roam back and forth between our concession and the park. On our concession game drives can take place at any time and go anywhere so if the lodge staff are alerted to say, a large pack of wild dogs that have just made a kill, guides can round-up interested guests and take them out to see them at a moment’s notice. We are also able to offer night game drives and game walks on our concession, which are not possible within the National Park. Of course, we are also located very close to the park and regularly take guests there to see why it is one of Zimbabwe’s highlights, as the largest national park in the country.

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