Guest Blog: The Necessity of a Holiday at Rio Azul

Thanks to our lovely guest, Sandra, who wrote the below blog on her experience at Rio Azul Mozambique, sharing what it means to have and dream of a holiday – especially in this time of confinement.

A 2020 google search for “Definition of Holiday” shows a list of historical and current meanings for the word HOLIDAY, as well as the question: “Why is holiday important” under which a title comes: Reduced Stress.

“A holiday is a great way to reduce stress … Additionally, you get to visit somewhere completely new so you can forget about everything back home and enjoy your surroundings – this reduction in stress is amplified if you choose an idyllic, relaxing destination too …”

I don’t know what inspired me to google the meaning of holiday. I have long known the meaning and purpose of taking a trip away; having taken many global tours over the years, I am an avid traveller and love to experience new destinations. Perhaps I am spending too much time googling everything these days (while currently living with restrictions, unable to take a real holiday); I spend time searching for travel spots unknown to me, searching for distraction. I’m also pouring over a handful of photos of holidays past, dreaming of the next trip we are able to take.

The last flight I took was just over a year ago.  From Cape Town to Maputo, Mozambique, and onward to Vilanculos to our end goal – Rio Azul – a secluded lodge approximately 110 kms from the airport. The flight was memorable in that the scenery from above looked incredible; the sea was expansive and clear, with swirls of sand patches visible at low tide. This view, unmistakably one of the most beautiful views from above, is unforgettable for me.

Rio Azul Holiday Mozambique

The lodge is small, secluded – this is the ultimate holiday to experience tropical beauty in private luxury. Mozambique is magical, memorable – a masterpiece for the artistic soul. There is nothing more captivating or powerful than the beauty of nature. Here, the turquoise ocean is clear, and when the tide is low, small islands form. Warm breezes blow gently, and I remember feeling blown away in this exquisite setting. All the senses are awash with sunshine, fresh ocean air, quiet, pristine stillness.

Here is Rio Azul, the ultimate escape from city smells, the sounds of traffic, the congestion of civilization. But there is nothing uncivilized about Rio! The setting is exclusive, the food exquisite, the service top shelf. Among any coastal getaway I have visited, Rio Azul far exceeds expectations. The result of finding myself in this idyllic paradise is that any stress I brought with me peels off in layers, quickly, effortlessly. I’m thrown into a state of relaxation with one thought: may this feeling last forever.

While I shake myself out of my reverie and back to reality, today is just another day for googling, for distraction, for reflection, but also for planning. I hope to get back to Rio Azul one day – soon. Next time I will book a family trip, take another family along, stay for longer, learn how to fish, read more books, take more photos. Because Rio Azul is a place to relax, make memories, forget about everything back home, forget the world, reduce the stress, and have a real holiday.

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