Hideaways Contributes to Conservation Funds in ‘Neglected’ Areas of Hwange

Robins Camp is in the north-west of Hwange National Park and is one of the most remote and least visited parts of the park. For those who are well acquainted with the area they know that it’s a hidden gem, but as most of the park’s visitors gravitate to the areas around Main Camp and Sinamatella Camp these areas tend to attract most of the funding and work required to improve infrastructure and water supply for Hwange’s wildlife. Because of this, The Friends of Robins are a group that is dedicated to giving this area the love it deserves. They recently held an auction as a fundraiser and one of the hot ticket items up for bidding was a 2-night stay at our lodge, Elephant’s Eye.

The winning bid for the stay at our eco-lodge was $375 USD and the total amount raised was an impressive $2 397 USD. This will be used to install new roofs for the hides at Croc Pools and Little Toms. Last year’s inaugural Friends of Robins fundraising event was also supported by Hideaways and the money raised was used to replace the pipeline from the solar borehole pump at Detema Dam in the Robins Area.  As a result, Detema Dam is now near capacity and fuller than it has been for years, providing year-round water for wildlife through the long dry season.

“I Stuart Johnston, current chairman of WEZ Matabeleland and game count coordinator for Robins, would like to thank Hideaways for coming to the ball at such short notice and offering a fantastic prize. This is the second time Hideaways have done this, it is greatly appreciated from the friends of Robins to have a local lodge that goes the extra distance. I thank you on behalf of friends of Robins.”

Hideaways has always recognised the breathtaking beauty and uniqueness of Hwange National Park, which is why we decided to open our lodge, Elephant’s Eye, Hwange on a concession bordering the park. This is truly a special corner of  Zimbabwe, and the world, that we want to share with as many people as possible.  Increasing visitors to the Park is one of the best ways to support and maintain this area and we are happy to assist with improving facilities in the park that will give guests the best experience possible.

Author Tony Park said he wished to personally thank Garth Jenman and Hideaways for their support of The Friends of Robins and Hwange National Park in general. “It’s great to see tourism operators helping to look after the greater Hwange National Park, and not just their own private concessions.  Hideaways is a great supporter of conservation and community projects in this part of Zimbabwe and they deserve to be congratulated.”

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