Lion Cubs Spotted Close to Our Lodge

We are incredibly fortunate to share an unfenced border with Hwange National Park, which allows for amazing animal viewing experiences right on our concession. Recently we had a magnificent encounter with some lionesses and their adorable little cubs right by our lodge. Guests were setting off on their game drive and had only been driving for a few minutes when they spotted the lions sauntering down the road. The vehicle immediately stopped and let the lions continue on their path, the lions were confident in their approach but once they were just centimetres from the open-top vehicle decided to re-assess their route. They cautiously slipped off into the grasslands but not before giving our guests the wonderful opportunity to see a total of 9 cubs exploring our concession. Watch the video and take note of how the cubs huddle around the lionesses when they are right by the vehicle. Lions are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List so it’s always wonderful to see such a healthy number of cubs in the wild, reminding us of the importance of conservation.

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