Project Penya Has Reached Its Goal and is Ready for the Next Steps

We are absolutely thrilled to let you know that Project Penya has reached its goal of raising enough money for a set of Subz reusable pads and panties for each Grade 6 and 7 girls at Dingani Primary School. This would not have been possible without the generous contributions of our guests at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange and partners of Hideaways. When we started this project in last year we did it out of a sense of urgency and dismay that so many girls in rural Africa are missing out on their education and a chance to change their future due to something as simple and commonplace as monthly menstruation. Because families need to stretch every penny and because of the stigma associated with menstruation, buying adequate sanitary material is not a priority or in some cases a possibility. Girls have to make do with homemade solutions and/or stay out of school when they are on their period. In the modern world, this seems hard to imagine but unfortunately, it is a very real reality that these young women face.

Luckily there is a solution and with your help we were able to reach our goal of helping the girls from the local school near our lodge, Dingani Primary. At the beginning of next year, each Gr 6 and 7 girl will receive their set of Subz re-usable pads and panties. These eco-friendly washable panty sets enable the girls to attend school and carry on with their lives as normal.

But more than just providing a practical solution to the lack of adequate sanitary supplies in rural Zimbabwe, we want to empower these young women to stay in school and work toward a better future. The money raised will also go towards a motivational workshop for these young learners that will take place next year at the beginning of the new school year. Together with a qualified health professional, The Grow Africa Foundation will organise a motivational workshop for the girls, their parents, the teachers and the local clinic staff about puberty, sexual health and well-being, and career choices.

The girls will receive in-depth information about the changes their body is experiencing, how to deal with it, and why it is important to remain in school. This is not just about providing sanitary pads to school girls, this is about providing education to an entire community and empowering an entire generation of young girls!

Thank you for helping us to enable these young girls to shine!

Project Penya

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