Sovereign Houseboat: Wellness in the Wild

“We have to stop speaking about the earth being in need of healing. The earth doesn’t need healing. We do. It is our task to rediscover ourselves in nature. To understand this is to understand the significance of what we need to do if we are to restore the lost balance.”

Dr Ian McCallum

We seem to return to our roots when we feel the need to heal. The elements of earth resonate with our elements within, awakening parts of ourselves we have allowed to become dormant. There is something about nature that we seem to innately understand, an age old wisdom communicated through the wilderness.

If you listen carefully, you can hear nature speaking to us, sharing her knowledge of old. Birdsong welcomes the morning, accompanied by hippo’s in the distance, wallowing within water that laps upon rocks and land. She speaks through the rumbles of a thunderstorm, preparing to nourish the soil, the roar of the lion stating his territory and the cracks of sticks and leaves along an elephant’s journey. The wild is alive with her voice, we simply need to listen. It is in these secrets she shares that we learn resilience, patience and courage. She is ultimately teaching us how to heal.

We seem to find a certain sense of peace in the wild. There exists a delicate balance which deems adversity necessary, using the challenge to grow and adapt. We are able to restore this balance within ourselves when we immerse ourselves in the wilderness, mirroring its ways. We access and implement restoration through our senses, absorbing the smells, sights and sounds of nature, and the feel of sunlight and air upon our skin.

The optimum sensory experience is to include all the elements, immersing ourselves in an environment of earth, water and air. An outdoor endeavour upon water offers all three; a prime space for connection. Sovereign Houseboat on Lake Kariba is a perfect option to lose yourself in nature, consequently finding yourself within. Lake Kariba itself holds a spiritual energy, one filled with the awareness of seasons and time.

Sovereign Houseboat, Lake Kariba

Being on and surrounded by water has tremendous healing qualities for the mind, body and soul. We feel it holding us afloat, its constant movement and flow cleanses and transforms; a rejuvenating and supportive energy. Water is fluid, moving around obstacles as well as nourishing life in its natural motion. It travels through countries, beginning as a stream, growing into rivers, forming lakes and joining the sea. This is the story of the mighty Zambezi, its motion and movement giving it life. Remaining motionless would result in stagnation; a powerful lesson alone for us to learn.

Lake Kariba is a life source for the wildlife of the area. Matusadona National Park relies on its resources, an area abundant in wildlife and vegetation. Being able to get up close and personal with the animals is an honour, the water accepted as a respectful barrier for such encounters. Sunrise and sunset game viewing gift intimate experiences, witnessing nature’s wild ways. It is in this quiet observation that we are fully present, mindful of the wonders of the wilderness.

Sovereign Houseboat, Lake Kariba

Evening is orchestrated by creatures of the night. Frogs, hippos and the distant trumpeting of an elephant fill the air. Seated on the houseboat deck beneath a myriad of stars, one is utterly enveloped in the moment, reflecting in gratitude.

Time in the wild moves at its own pace. It seems to slow down, stretching across the horizon. Surrendering to the wilderness that surrounds us, we are changed by nature, being allowed a small glimpse into its timeless ways, charmed by its magic. We take a leaf from its book of wisdom, to slow down, to find balance, to flow and change with adversity, and ultimately, to heal.

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