Traversing the Tales of Africa: 5 Must-Read Safari Books

Hideaways invites you to feel free to turn the pages of your imagination, travelling to Africa through the portal of these pages, transported by words. Carefully selected, these tales hold whole worlds of African adventure, waiting to be discovered. From hilarious anecdotes, detective mysteries, the wonder of elephants and political endeavours – this list encompasses all facets of our collective love and respect for Africa.

Africa Safari Books No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, a novel series by Alexander McCall Smith

A light-hearted and captivating glimpse into the world of adventure and mystery within the Botswana detective division. A fantastic way for the family to traverse Africa together from the comfort of home.

The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony

A tale of true connection between man and nature, and the courage in believing beyond the constraints of our human understanding. A South African adventure of the spiritual, natural and intellectual which keeps you captivated in its vulnerability; a memoir for the heart strings.

Africa Safari Books African Dawn by Tony Park

historical and emotional novel delving into the complex truths of living in Africa. Based in Zimbabwe, (with powerful scenes at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange!) Tony Park unpacks the power of passion – for survival, conservation, and amidst it all – love. We’re honoured to have had Tony Park use Nantwich Lodge as a muse for much of his writing – absorbing inspiration from his surroundings.

Africa Safari Books Whatever You Do, Don’t Run by Peter Allison

Outrageously funny anecdotes from top safari guide Peter Allison. A peak behind the scenes of tourism, with tales of wild animals – and even wilder clients! His stories of passion for nature interwoven with hilarity are perfect for a comedic escape to the flood plains of the Okavango Delta.

Africa Safari Books Out of Africa by Karen Blixen

Set in Kenya in 1914, this memoir is a love affair with Africa. Danish protagonist Karen Blixen recounts her life and love for this wild continent, guiding the reader through her pages with tangible descriptions of the land and her experiences. This poignant autobiography speaks of trials and tribulations in a time long past, but maintains the absolute essence that is Africa.

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