Treasure Hunt in Matobo Hills

“Remember that, wherever your heart is, you will find your treasure.” Paulo Coehlo

A corner of our Hideaways heart certainly lies in the landscapes of Matobo Hills. One does not have to search far within its landscapes in order to find treasure. It is displayed openly in the colourful lichen splashed upon granite rock, held in timeless paintings within caves, or found at the end of a trackway of rhino.

Not all treasure is silver and gold, and this rings true upon the dirt roads that wind through the Matobo Hills National Park. For it is at the end of these which deliver one to historical gravesites, ancient grain bins, black eagle nesting sites or rhino spoor. The journey to each destination offers the gems of knowledge in historical tales, cultural rituals, animal behaviour and perhaps even a family of rhinos resting under a tree along the way.

The greatest treasure is found in the places that summon presence, in time spent with close friends or family. Matobo Hills calls for mindful travel, for intentional steps to be taken from dawn till dusk. Whether this is witnessing a black eagle gracefully riding a thermal, learning to identify ancient art symbols or listening to the history of the Ndebele warriors as you sit atop World’s View, one is fully present.

Situated on the border of the National Park, Shashani Matobo Hills holds treasures of its own. With a view over the spectacular Shashani Valley, the lodge has a wealth of historical tales to tell; both of local culture and European pioneers. One can almost trace the ox-cart paths winding within the valley, the stories brought to life by local raconteurs and historians. A giant granite dome sits to the right of the property; an ancient rain-making ceremonial site, used for 100’s of years by the local people. One can still climb this ‘kopje’ (hill), walking in the footsteps and taking in the same view of the Matobo tribes of old.

Shashani Matobo Hills

Shashani Matobo Hills is located on a private concession, allowing for the option of a walking safari. As there are only plains game in the area, one can walk the roads and paths alone, taking adventure into your own hands. Time slows when exploring beneath the granite kopjies and golden grass of the Matobo area, so much to be seen and discovered amidst the more gentle side of Africa. Here, it is in the delicate one will find wealth; the tortoise maneuvering over uneven grass, different coloured lichen, scribbles in the sand left by hurried insects, or the bold skink lizard sitting atop a rock.

“Where your treasure is, there is your pleasure; Where your treasure, there your heart, Where your heart, there your happiness.” St Augustine

Experiences, encounters and vistas which capture our hearts are collected and stored inside our memory chest, the most treasured item of all. Contact us to fill your treasure chest of memories, with life-changing experiences from Hideaways.

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