WATCH Beyond the Lodge | Episode 1: Nantwich, Hwange

Recent times have had the world embracing professional day dreaming and digital upskilling. Celebrating this platform of sharing stories and inspiration, Hideaways spoke to the master of this craft, best-selling author, Tony Park. Invested emotionally as well as a share-holder of Nantwich, Hwange, Tony and Director Garth Jenman explored the corridors of their minds and memories, sharing the journey through conversation.

Based in Northern Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, prolific with wildlife as well as having access to an interconnected web of game drive routes through untouched landscapes, this chat revealed the tales of life beyond the lodge.

Watch the recording in order to delve into the influence of tourism on conservation, the history of Nantwich, as well as how the abundant wildlife of this area inspired Tony to become an author of African stories.

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