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Why you Should Travel to Africa in Green Season

‘Tis the season for travel! November in Zimbabwe welcomes the much anticipated arrival of the rains. Flora and fauna celebrate its arrival in equal measure, each drinking in the awaited life-source, replenishing nutrients and strength. Rain is a much celebrated and revered component of life in Africa, for its wildlife as well as its people. Ceremonies have been held for centuries, appealing to the heavens to open and release its liquid gift to quench the earth. Our wild spaces and communities stand beneath promising clouds, welcoming the green season with open arms.

What is ‘Green Season’?

The green season is a lovely time to visit Africa. Lasting from November to April, it seems to be Africa’s best kept secret. Lush bush leads us into December, its character bright and bold and full of life. The flora blossoms with colour, its bright flowers attracting insects, therefore attracting a wealth of birdlife. The bush is alive with life. It is the perfect time to travel for nature lovers, photographers, storm chasers and appreciators of the small things. 

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‘Tis the season when new born babies join the herd, tiny impala, kudu, zebra and warthogs keeping close to their mothers side, simultaneously melting our hearts! Food is abundant, for sustenance as well as strength, as is more camouflage from predators. It is truly the season for family, as the family of the wild grows in number. New energy partners with the new life forms, young learning how to use their legs and trunks, running playfully between their peers. Newborns bring hope and health to an ecosystem, a sign of survival of species for another year to come. They also bring predators, following in the footsteps of the herds, a bucket list sighting for most safari seekers.

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Birds and the Bees

‘Tis the season which attracts migrant birds to feast on the buffet of insects which come with seasonal territory. The wild is buzzing with activity – bees, butterflies, moths, fireflies and frogs pattern the landscape, bursts of different colour and design. Birds build their homes nestled in thick tree foliage, courting and nesting while feeding off the explosion of insects. One is encouraged to slow down and listen to the sound and smells of the wild; the aroma of the soil after the rain, the orchestra of the frogs, the rumble of an impending thunderstorm, the buzzing of the bees and the burst of migrant birds calling to each other above.

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Solitude and Serenity

‘Tis the season which almost guarantees the wilderness as your own. Having learnt the value of space and exclusivity, this is the perfect time to experience solitude and serenity in the wild. Less safari vehicles on the road, less people in lodges, less concerns to encounter. 


‘Tis the season when heavy thunder rolls out over the landscape, a sound fitting to the size and shape of the clouds. It’s as if the rain gods are announcing their arrival to the beat of a thousand djembe drums. Lightning fills the sky in response to their rhythm, lighting up the stage for the main act. Fat drops of warm rain hit the soil with intent, quenching its thirst. Wildlife and plants rejoice, impalas pronking with their white tails on display, literally leaping in joy, while trees and bushes almost turn green overnight. It’s a natural phenomenon to witness the wild respond to the first rains, its rejuvenation immediate, sprouting in celebration.


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Your present from Hideaways arrives in the form of presence in nature; soaking up the smell of the soil after the rains, witnessing the rebirth of our wild spaces, appreciating the splashes of colour from plants and birdlife. Our green season prices invite you to celebrate this sensory space, from the sound of the beetles singing in the season to the lush green bush wrapped in quality time with those you love. Take a look at our Green Season Special, as spending part of the festive season with Hideaways at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is the perfect gift to give yourself and your family.

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